Info Evening Reception Taunus Campus

    Date: 24.04.2018,  19:00

    Please note: This event takes place at Phorms Taunus Campus

    We kindly invite you to an information evening about the Phorms Reception Class concept.

    We will present the Phorms concept and address questions such as:
    • What are the reasons for enrolling a child in Reception Class rather than in 1st Grade?
    • What does a day in Reception Class look like?
    • What are the educational goals?
    • How important is the year in Reception Class with regard to our concept of bilingualism?

    The aim of this evening is to provide information for the following:
    • Interested families
    • Families who have already registered their children for Reception Class starting Summer 2018
    • Families who have already registered their children for Grade 1 starting Summer 2019

    We are looking forward to seeing you.

    Phorms Taunus Campus
    Waldstraße 91
    61449 Steinbach/Taunus

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