Private Bilingual Secondary School Phorms Frankfurt | Phorms Frankfurt City

    Welcome to the private German-English secondary school of the Phorms School Frankfurt.

    Location: Phorms Taunus Campus

    Our secondary school is located on the Phorms Taunus Campus, which is idyllically situated in the Taunus forest, only 20 minutes from Frankfurt city centre. We have our own private schoolbus operating between Phorms Frankfurt City and Phorms Taunus Campus exclusively for Phorms students.

    Bilingual Education

    Bilingualism is key to the Phorms concept. Our secondary school continues the bilingual concept introduced at nursery school and primary school. Teaching takes place at native speaker level in German and English. Yet, our curriculum is based on the outline curriculum of the federal state of Hesse.

    German Abitur and International Certificates

    Our goal at the secondary school is that every student who leaves with the German Abitur and the optional Advanced Placement International Diploma is fully prepared to undertake and complete challenging vocational training or tertiary studies anywhere in the world in order to pursue his or her chosen career. The Phorms bilingual secondary school in Frankfurt is conceived as a comprehensive educational institution. We provide students with optimal preparation for the style of work that we expect to see increase in the near future, when changing careers several times and surviving in international society will be regarded as a matter of course.

    “Performance With Passion”

    Our policy in all of our schools is “performance with passion”. We consistently endeavour to lead our students to become independent and to become better at solving problems by learning to think for themselves – and we want them to enjoy the learning process. At the same time, we are also aware of the interests of young people between the ages of 10 to 18, and together with their parents and teachers, we take an empathetic approach as we accompany them on their educational journey.

    I hope you enjoy our website.

    Michael Gehrig
    Head of School